The Case Of People V. Beardsley Essay

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People v. Beardsley

In the case of People v. Beardsley, Mr. Beardsley and Blanche Burns engaged in a drunken affair; Mr. Beardsley was married and his wife was away from their home. Beardsley at this time was employed as a bartender and clerk at the Columbia Hotel (General Elements of Crime, 2010). Blanche Burns was also employed at a hotel during this time as well. Over the course of two days, the illicit couple partook in drunk nights and each other. Burns and Beardsley indulged in a steady supply of liquor and when they ran out, they requested more. In fact, an errand boy had been dispatched to supply them at one point with more liquor at Mr. Beardsley’s request.

Once the errand boy arrived with the new supply of liquor, Burns then made a request to the errand boy that he return with camphor and morphine tablets, which she paid him for. Blanche Burns proceeded to quickly take the morphine tablets, but not before a few had been knocked from her hands and crushed by Mr. Beardsley. This incident had been witnessed by Beardsley and the errand boy. Ms. Burns after taking the morphine tablets was in an unconscious state of being, Mr. Beardsley requested the errand boy who had previously left to return and put Ms. Burn in the room of Mr. Skoba, who also occupied the residence. Mr. Beardsley was too inebriated to be helpful (General Elements of Crime, 2010), upon Mr. Skoba’s arrival back to the residence, he was able to assist the errand boy with the placement of Burns’ body…

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