Case Study: HAUNT Paranormal

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HAUNT Paranormal was founded by three women, Jennifer Woodward-Proffitt, Adrienne Harless, and Ashley Sturgill on June 13, 2005. Since then, these fearless females have led their team of paranormal investigators through St. Albans on several occasions. It was on one of these occasions that several members of the team were witness to the manifestation of a shadow person. This anomaly presented itself on the first floor of the building, near the women’s isolation ward. “The team had just left the men’s ward and we were getting ready to set the cameras up when I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye,” said Jennifer. “When I jerked around to see what it was, my team members followed my line of sight.”
“When I saw Jennifer looking towards the door at first I didn’t notice anything,” said Adrienne. “But once my eyes adjusted, the dark shadow became crystal clear and it was a silhouette of a man who was leaning against the door frame.”
“I was with Eddie McCowan, another team member and we both witnessed the presence of the shadow man,” said Ashley Sturgill , one of the team founders. She continued, “We called for the remaining two investigators who were there that night and who were located just a few rooms down the hallway. When they heard us call, Shanna and Anthony Coleman came running
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At the time she had no idea where this infamous paranormal hotspot was located in the building. “Eddie had researched St. Albans before we left,” said Adrienne. She continued, “After I told him of the overwhelming sensation of sadness I was experiencing, Eddie mentioned that there was a bathroom located on the floor that we were on that was known to have been the site of several suicides.” Adrienne then asked one of the sanatorium’s volunteers Sarah Sanders and was told that they were standing next to the infamous

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