The Case Of Oj Simpson And My Reading On Outrage Essay

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Contribution to society is a common element that unites people together, but unique to each individual. I want my contribution to right those who has been wronged in the legal system. My curiosity of the case of OJ Simpson and my reading on ‘Outrage: The five reasons OJ Simpson got away with murder’ has given me insight into the potential wrongs in the justice system and has empowered me to transfer this inquisitiveness into studying Law.
The inspiration to read law came from having the privilege to speak to a ‘Family and Relationship’ solicitor and the fulfilment I would acquire when assisting people with personal issues. My zeal for criminal law stemmed from my study of Psychology, which enabled me to understand abnormalities in behaviour and how they can possibly lead to criminal actions.
I have chosen to focus on bigotry towards African Americans in contemporary society for my EPQ. Having completed my History coursework on Africans Americans plight for civil rights, this has assisted in my development for my EPQ and aided me to make contrasts and continuity between modern day and historical prejudice. Specifically the incident of Sandra Bland was a captivating case to research in to, in which I became aware of the corrupt justice system that America adopts and augmented my interest into criminal law.
Studying History and Politics at A-level increased my depth of knowledge for the world around me, particularly Margaret Thatcher’s influence on British society and the…

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