Jesus And Joan Of Arc Trial

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Today in our court system everything is so public and there are thousands of laws and regulations to make sure that every single mechanism of the court system runs perfectly. When the trials of Jesus and Joan of Arc were going on thousands of years ago the public did not play as much of a role in trails. Yes, we see in Jesus 's case where Pilate supposedly let the pubic choose to free Jesus or the criminal Barabbas. All of three of these trials played a very important role in society and at that time and the whole surrounding world was watching by to see the verdicts. In the case of both the Jesus ' trial and Joan of Arc 's they were charged for going against the power. Both Jesus and Joan felt they had been especially chosen by God to do his …show more content…
In the Case of the Nuremberg trails morality plays a very huge role. Most of the defendants in the case were cold-blooded killers and deserved to die but a trail must be used for justice. Looking back we now see that the common theme in all of these cases was that procedure was not followed and technically all of the verdicts should be overruled.

Once you go back and really take a long examination at all three of the trials you will find some very alarming procedures. You will be able to realize that none of the defendants were given a fair trail. One of the biggest reasons that might have been why these trials were so wrongfully done could be because each defendant was going against the central power. Jesus had been spreading the word of God all throughout the Jewish community, which was angering the Romans and a lot of the high Jewish lords. Joan had been claiming that Saint Margret, Saint Catherine, and Archangel Michael all were talking to her telling her to reclaim France. While Hitler and his band of Nazi murderers had killed millions of Jewish
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One of the biggest problems at the time was that their had only been war crimes that dealt with the handling of war prisoners. Soon before the trail the UN had created specific war crimes that dealt directly with the crimes of the Nazis. Anyone who had ever studied any type of law could see how wrong it is to create new legislature right before the trail. Yes I am sure that law-making communities around the situation had been mindful of this wrongdoing but would not stand up for the Nazis. Morality became a major issue in this case because of horrific actions of the Nazi party. The actions carried out by the Nazis were so horrific that everyone knew they would be found guilty no matter what. There were many more problems with the case besides the creation of the war crimes. The prosecution withheld important legal documents from the defense, which is a major wrongdoing in the criminal judicial system. That being said I do still think that all of the charges that were brought against them were just and defiantly

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