The Case Of Christy O ' Donnell Essay

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To further exemplify the principles of either one of the aforementioned theories, it is essential to apply them to situations that could be fairly argued from either perspective. In the case of Christy O’Donnell, the moral question posed is whether or not it is moral for physicians to euthanize terminally ill patients who wish to end their life on their own terms. O’Donnell, a mother and lawyer, was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer after the discovery of a tumor approximately the size of a golf ball in her brain on June 25, 2015. The doctor had warned O’Donnell and her daughter, Bailey Donorovich, that the cancer had metastasized from her left lung to her brain and that because of the severity of her condition she only had a few months left to live. The implications of her diagnoses were grim; the only solution that O’Donnell was given was a painful surgery involving the insertion of a tube in her lung in order to drain the fluid that would continuously fill up the entire organ. O’Donnell would have to continue this agonizing procedure during the last few months that she was granted to live only to have her life ended, regardless of the extensive treatment. O’Donnell disclosed that if the current laws enabled her to choose how her life would end, it would be planned to be at home in bed with her daughter holding her hand. Realistically, it is probable that Donorovich could come home to find her mother already deceased without a timely warning.
The ethical issues…

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