Strengths Of Learning English

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Every student in the world today is gifted in their own special way. Young students in the current education society require a secure, caring and stimulating environment to give them the opportunity to maximize their learning abilities and allowing them to develop in a social, physical and intellectual manner. This is one of the principle reasons I have pursued the career path of an educator. Everyone in the educational community has their own ideas and their own philosophies on what education should be, how curriculums should be taught and how the educational system could be changed. The main purpose of creating a philosophy on education is that it defines the purpose and the overall focus of the educational system. This philosophy becomes …show more content…
Todays students who learn english as their secondary language are considered ELL students (English Language Learners). It is imperative for teachers to accommodate a wide variety of teaching strategies as well as create their own depending on the strengths and weaknesses of the student in order to create an effective teaching environment. Teachers should aim to design lessons and activities with the end goal being that students create their own meanings and relations between their own language and the language presented (Kunishige). These relationships are extremely important because once they are produced, the student generally never forgets them and thus has build themselves a stepping stone for further relationships to be created. The most effective way for students to understand these relationships is for them to interact with students in a regular class setting (Kunishige). Practice makes perfect as many people say. The school system during this day in age does a good job of promoting social interactions between ELL students and regular students. An example of this would be class visits once a week to a regular classroom. Students are paired up with an ELL student and are to interact with them through various activities. This should be incorporated within all schools because it allows ELL students to become comfortable with the environment and allows the enlgish language to be pick up more quickly and fluently. Personally, my mother is an educator within the Toronto District School Board and this system has been implemented within her school and has seen improvements in the grasping of the language. Becoming an educator myself, I believe that the most important trait that a teacher can possess is that they love the job that they have. If they do not, the students will unfortunately not grasp the core information of the

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