Reflection Of Ell Class

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I came to the US when I was 11. I started my ELL class while I was in elementary school. The class was hard, because ei was shy, new to the culture and above all I was the minority. However the instructor embraced the moment. She made me want to learn. The methods she used to taught me English vocabulary was unique. She had different methods of teaching such as presentations, movies, songs games, puzzles. One day we even went to the zoo and she taught us I enjoyed the class.

The Ell class in middle and high school was too easy. For example, the professor will give us a book to read and we had to write a summary then the professor will gives us a list of suffix and prefixes to make up sentences us the method used in elementary school i think it should be alter for example ..using more conversation with new vocabulary learned. I believe a teacher is not successful if he/she start explaining grammar rules past tense of fist the child vocabulary its not there. One thing that helped me in high school was to write essays in my native language then translating and read to see if it made sense.

The ELL curriculum could be improve by many ways
The students should be separated
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Example, Japanese kids are all about perfection of course they will not speak if they know their English its not well. Especially they will refuse to speak to someone older than them, if they are not communicating effective. therefore, having peers that might help them to help each other. Reading out loud to each other is the best method of improving reading. Reading more than 1 time will also help. Also if there are other students that speak same language its better because that way student can ask the other student for a better understanding of

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