The Cardiovascular System Of Cardiovascular Disease Essay

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Cardiovascular disease, also known as CVD, is a killer that does not discriminate and affects people around the globe. “CVD is the most common cause of death worldwide, with 30% of all deaths attributed to the disease (World Health Organization (WHO) 2013” (Walker, 2013). Cardiovascular disease has a vast array of issues related to it as well as many risk factors; nevertheless, with positive behavioral changes many of these risk factors can be reduced, thus creating physiological changes. The cardiovascular system is a complex system made up of the heart and the many blood vessels throughout the body. It is an essential system for stability and maintaining homeostasis, supplying every region of the body with just the right amount of blood (Johnson, 2014). Under normal conditions, the cardiovascular system functions as a circulatory system, carrying blood, oxygen, and other vital nutrients to organs throughout (What is the Cardiovascular System, 2013). However, once this system has been compromised, there is no turning back. There are medical interventions that have the ability to assist in blood and oxygen flow, although arteries will remain damaged and without further lifestyle modification, the risk factors steadily rise (The Heart Truth, 2014).
Consequently, there are many issues related to the “umbrella” of cardiovascular disease including: cholesterol, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, diet, and lack of exercise as well as the use of tobacco. All of these issues…

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