The Caravan Text And The Guardian Text Essay

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In this essay I will be analysing the similarities and differences between the practical caravan text and the guardian text. The caravan text is an article advertising their attractions. Their audience is families looking for a holiday in the UK. There primary purpose is to persuade but their secondary purpose is to inform. However, the guardian text is a webpage and has a target audience who are parents. Their purpose is to engage the reader by being argumentative of two sides of a debate. The writers have used presentational devices to attract the audience and language devices to persuade them.

The caravan text uses presentational devices to evoke their idea and impress the audience such as images. The denotation of the family on the beach engages families to read the text and transfers information quickly. They are portraying different attractions which show the variety of places that are available. The family in the image shows that they are having fun which creates a feeling of happiness and enjoyment. The family image is in front of the page and the image is relevant as it has got to do with holiday attractions. This links to the audience as families would have a free mind without being strained. There are a range of images on the article that are organised on top of each paragraph. The images give small glimpses of places. The writer may have done this to encourage families to each individual attraction. Similarly, the guardian webpage also uses the image of the…

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