The Canadian Media Production Industry Essay

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A globally competitive centre for production, Canada’s film and television production industry has boomed over the last decade: but with success comes repercussions. The encouragement of foreign location shooting in the Canadian film and television production industry has caused barriers for Canadian producers and creators to carry out domestic productions, further hindering the development of Canada’s media identity in film and television sectors as a result. The appealing tax incentive for foreign producers, most notably the U.S., is a major catalyst in increasing industry activity. While the presence of U.S. productions increases opportunities for Canadian workers to get essential industry experience, this notion is driven by the fact that it is more financially beneficial and stable than starting their own projects. Canada has sacrificed quite a lot in this path to increasing its film and television production presence globally, and needs to take the time to focus on itself now that its potential and excellence is recognized.
The Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA) reported that in the 2014/15 year, the total volume of screen-based film and television production in Canada was $7.1 billion, a 20% increase in production volume from 2013/14 (CMPA 4). Of that total, $2.96 billion of the volume was Canadian-produced content and $2.6 billion was foreign location and service production: foreign location shooting had a 42% increase, compared to the 9% increase in…

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