The Canadian Government And The Electoral System Essay

1281 Words Jan 20th, 2016 6 Pages
As a parliamentary government, majority of Canadian and non-Canadian citizens lack the knowledge to fully comprehend the logistics of the Canadian government and the electoral system. So when former Prime Minister Stephen Harper called an early election on August 2015, many did not understand its significance on the upcoming election. Harper believed that an early election would give him the advantage over other party leaders and would help him stay in office, but he was wrong. Despite the clever nature of this decision, where the timing conveniently worked with the newly passed Fair Elections Act and the Mike Duffy trial, the Conservatives faced devastating loss against the Liberals which can be greatly attributed to the Canada being a parliamentary government with a single member plurality. The Conservative party would not have lost a large amount of seats in Parliament had Canada used a proportional representation electoral system. Consequently, there would be no Liberal landslide and the Conservatives would still hold significant power. Thesis:…. In 2014, the Conservatives successfully passed the divisive Fair Elections Act, which is arguably part of their brilliant plan to tilt the electoral playing field in their favour. This act brings major changes to Canadian electoral law for voters, candidates, parties and the overseers of a fair election. It also boosts penalties for offences, reduce voter fraud and legitimizes political parties (Wingrove and Hannay, 2015).…

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