The Campaign For Super Pac Essay

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Republican Kelly Ayotte current Senator of New Hampshire is running for reelection against former governor Maggie Hassan for the senate seat. Ayotte has expressed her opponent cares little about New Hampshire’s issues at stake. Ayotte elaborates often through advertisements and websites that we need security, safety, and clean energy. Support from Super PACs are possibly the most effective method of expressing Ayotte’s ideals besides herself. Super PAC’s are not necessarily a part of the party but a key factor in the political issues at stake. Outside groups such as super Pac’s want their policy agendas and ideals as the resolution. The accessibility to making these agendas relevant is based on the key relationship between the super Pac and candidate or party. Specific super Pacs will raise substantial amounts of money to help candidates with similar ideologies such as incumbent Ayotte not only win campaign but to also expose issues and have political influence over resolutions.

“Donors most often cited policy related factors or personal connections when asked about the factors that motivate them to make contributions. These include Ideology, an unacceptable opponent, and candidates issues on positions.” (francia 47.)
Here francia created a poll asking donors of what makes them donate to specific candidates, PACs, and super Pacs based on these motivation factors. The answers varied from very important, somewhat important, and not very important. The top three answers of…

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