The Call For A Living An Altruistic Life Of Love Essay

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Self-interest is the pursuit of one’s own desires, or the pursuit of a desirable outcome for one’s self. Conversely, Yeshua’s teachings call for self-sacrifice, the act of giving up your own will by the pursuit of someone else’s (or God’s will). Additionally, Yeshua’s preaching called for living lives of altruistic love, love for others (and for God) that supersedes the love for one’s self and the love for earthly desires. On the basis of these philosophical ideas defined, it is clear to say that self-interest is not part of the prescription for living a proper Christian life, a life that falls in line with the teachings of Yeshua instead requires self-sacrifice and altruistic love. In this essay, by means of biblical account and practical examples, I will argue the truth of this statement. The call for a living an altruistic life of love is evident throughout the teachings of Yeshua, this call can be drastically compared with Ayn Rand’s assertion that the only proper ethical philosophy is one motivated by self-interest.(S) Yeshua’s time on earth was marked with two distinct purposes; the first, and this was the ultimate purpose, was to come to earth and live a sinless life, in order to be the perfect sacrifice (on the cross) for all of humanity, to die bearing the burden of all of man’s sin so that through his temporal death, and eternal resurrection, mankind again may, as in eden, have eternal life in/with God’s presence. His second purpose, the one being addressed in…

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