Essay on The Byzantine Empire

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The Byzantine Empire was established in 324 BC by Constantine I the Great when he overthrew Maxentius as the king of Rome. Emperor Constantine I should not be just be recognized for founding the Byzantine Empire but also for promoting Christianity and was the first emperor to die a Christian. This emperor made it advantageous to be a Christian and therefor society found it to be more acceptable to practice. The emperor promoted and favored Christians in government jobs and he restored Christian property that had been lost during the prosecutions of Christians. Emperor Theodosius I held the Second Ecumenical Council of the Church in 381which fought Arianism, a religious doctrine that says Jesus Christ (son) was inferior to God. Their counter was the Nicene Creed which states that God and Jesus are the same person and therefor equal. In 533 Emperor Justinian sent a general named Belisarius to take Africa from the invading Germanic tribes and succeeded in doing so. Then in 535, Belisarius took Rome from the Ostrogoth’s but Rome had frequent attacks from Germanic tribes. His armies had also conquered territories such as; almost all of Italy and parts of Spain, Justinian now rules almost as much territory as Rome had. In the Byzantine Empire the emperor ruled the church and the state which meant for the church, that the emperor appointed and dismissed bishops as he pleased. The empire has its own separate government, society was becoming ever more complex and communication…

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