The By Will Ferguson - Characteristics Of A Postmodern Canadian Novel

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In 419 by Will Ferguson, there are characteristics of a postmodern Canadian novel. The definition of a “Canadian novel” has changed through the literature movements. Creating moral order and controlling landscapes was used in the colonial period and then, in the confederation period that followed, there was emphasis on nationalism and defining what it was to be Canadian. Nationalism in literature was important because it was necessary for the survival of the country in order to prevent the culture from being overpowered. The novel 419 fits in the categories of literature that came after the confederation period. 419 by Will Ferguson belongs to the category of a traditional postmodern Canadian novel since the novel has elements of intertextuality to show that texts are reconstructions, multiple narrative voices in the fragmented structure of the novel, and in the reconstruction of identity. Modernism started after the World War and two important themes developed: humans have the capacity to destroy themselves and the importance of Canadian nationalism. Many poets questioned their beliefs in God because of the World War and the poems were often cynical by suggesting that there was no grand reason for existence. Modernists attempted to cut off the romantics tied to emotions. There was no emphasis on the picturesque, but rather on chaotic everyday life. Nativist writers were interested in what it is to be a Canadian within the Canadian boarders while cosmopolitanism…

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