Essay about The Business Plan Of The Berkeley Coat Company

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The Berkeley Coat Company is a Japan developing company that focuses on developing suitable solutions to the Japanese people. The areas of the development allows consumers to purchase coats of their choosing. As far as our business plan goes, we plan on licensing/franchising the company This report was commissioned to examine why the sales volume of the Berkeley Coat Company has decreased over the past three years, since reaching its peak and recommending ways of increasing demands for coats.
The reason for choosing Japan is because we believed that Japan would be the best place for doing and setting up businesses. The debt within the country is low, leaving the owners located in Japan have low risks of losing money or the companies that were additionally owned. However, according to resources, it’s said that Japan is rank as one the world’s largest and technologically advanced producers for: motor vehicles, electronic equipment, machine tools, steel/metals, and etc. Therefore, as Japan ranking as the one of highest ranks, our business will grow along with our consumers comfortably.
By gathering the information about Japan, we began to analyzing different charts to determine how to price our products, as well as the type of climate that we would expect in our selected country. For instance, the charts that have recorded the climate within Japan, happens to mostly be warm, however, other researches has said that they’re some parts of Japan that has potential of snowing.…

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