The Business Administration ( Sba ) Essay example

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In 1953, legislation created the Small Business Administration (SBA) to further business activities across the United States (U. S. Small Business Administration, n.d.). Specifically, the agency’s purpose was to aid those individuals in the start-up, management, and financing of their small business dreams, as well as provide opportunities to conduct business with the federal government (U. S. Small Business Administration, n.d.). Today, the 28 million modest companies provide more than 50 percent of sales in America (U. S. Small Business Administration, n.d.). To understand a firm’s efficiencies and progress, it is important to examine how its operational capacities intersect with its economic activities to provide services to stakeholders (Jones, 2007).
The Organizational Domain
The definition of organizational domain describes the array of products an organization distributes to the interested parties involved with the firm (Jones, 2007). Furthermore, the organization is subject to environmental conditions such as unambiguous and overall conditions and outside parties (Jones, 2007). For example, under particular activities, the SBA provides guarantees for a loans made by a participating lenders to a potential small business borrowers (Organizational Domain of the U. S. Small Business Administration, page 5). Additionally, the funds used to guarantee a loan comes from the yearly budget appropriation approved by Congress; this is an example of a universal condition…

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