The Burka And The Bikini Analysis

Covered or Uncovered an Analysis of The Burka and the Bikini This essay argues women in todays world are damaged in many ways by the culture in which they live. The writers state, “ covered or uncovered, the homefront choice is not about morality but the physical and emotional health of future generations”(Brumberg 195) Culturally speaking whether or not you wear a burka or a bikini the writers think women are negatively effected. The writers support their claim that women are adversely effected by their culture in a couple of ways. However a few are irrelevant and some are not in depth enough, and they don’t even discuss the opposing side of the argument. The essay says that with our war on terrorism and “the Taliban’s horrific treatment of women”, its important to know the impact our “uncovered” females verse their “covered women has (Brumberg 195). Is wearing a bikini “a patriotic act” or is it a psychological need to be the American Barbie the media tells women they should be? Honestly I didn’t see any reason the writers should link this issue to terrorism other then to compared our women to theirs. There are lots of other cultures the writers could …show more content…
Or should the Taliban be allowed to oppress their women? These are extremely appealing emotional draws meant to persuade their readers against such things. Which shows the writers bias and the essay’s one sidedness. There seemed to be no representation of an opposing view throughout the essay. There is an attempt to push their readers in the directions of their thinking, with the topic of sexualization and pornography meant as the extreme media view of women. The established image of the writers is that of caring and compassionate women who stand up for women. Their tone is that of a protector of women saving women from negative media and

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