Essay about The Burden Of Diseases : Ebola Outbreak

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The burden of diseases Ebola in Guinea infects people regardless age, gender or economic status. The distribution is very rapid and the contagiousness is very high. The poverty level is very high in Guinea. But, I believe that the contagiousness is not related to the situation of poverty in the Country. However, the poverty can affect the compliance of the basis hygiene rules (hand washing) that can facilitate the contamination. Ebola outbreak is a real burden of diseases on the health care system in Guinea since many people have died from that disease.
There are other burdens of diseases in the country that are endemic, but are not as deadly as compared to Ebola. For example: Malaria is an endemic disease in Guinea which has a high rate of mortality in Children. In 2004, Guinea experienced a Cholera epidemic and an increase in cases of Typhoid fever. Those communicable diseases are related to the poor hygiene and unsanitary situation of the Country. Malaria remains a serious problem. HIV is less prevalent nowadays. About the HIV infection in Guinea; UNICEF (2012) has published: “Adult prevalence in 2012 is 1.7%; People of all ages living with HIV in 2012 are estimated at 140,000.” If in the past the cholera was epidemic and was only observed in the raining season; lately, the cholera was becoming endemic in some districts. It has been noticed that since the individual hand washing for these past two years, Conakry did not record any case of the cholera outbreak.

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