The Budget Process For Public Services And National Government

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Budget process is a kind of planning and preparation of allocation of available resources towards betterment of citizens. Budget identifies revenue resources and how they can be utilized in future for public services and safety at local, state and federal level. Each level of government has different types of budget process and also its rules and regulation. Sometimes, the budget process could be more time consuming than normal because it is highly influenced by politics. People who are involved in budgeting process are vary depending on the type of the government. At the same time, the revenue sources are diverse for local, state and national government. The budget also determines fiscal sustainability of particular government and its capacity in providing and delivering public services and facilities. The budget usually also considers the interest of public and they could also be a part of the budget process or they have a right to know about how their money are being utilized. Similarly, Springfield city in Missouri has its separate budget process which particularly focuses to provide services to the residents of Springfield.
The Springfield city budget is divided into four different phases and various people are involved in different steps. The stages of Springfield city budget process include budget preparation, evaluation of budget and program, consideration and adaptation and lastly execution of planned budget (Springfield City Adopted Budget, 2015). The major players…

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