The Brothers Grimm And Hans Christian Anderson Essay

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Fairy tales have been read to children for centuries to teach lessons on behaving properly and encouraging creative imaginations. The Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson have made fairy tales popular through their renditions from the 17th and 18th centuries. The initial purpose of them was to scare misbehaving children into behaving well and listening to their elders. Fairy tales talk about rape, incest, child labor, torture, execution, and other horrific subjects of which most children are terrified (Evans). Children begin to absorb information from a young age, which is when these tales are read to them. They learn early in development things to beware of and what they should and should not do. Over time there have been film adaptations of the original stories, cutting out the gory details and replacing them with cheerful endings. Today, children are more familiarized with the Disney film versions and other television interpretations. Fairy tales can affect a child’s physiological abilities and help them determine morality, with the additional influence of outside media such as the Disney reimaginings.
Connection to Children’s Emotions. From reading fairy tales, children learn to connect their emotions and experiences to the storyline. It is not even the story itself “but the emotional relationship with the content and the people in the fairy tale in which the child allows itself to be involved with the empathetic help of the…

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