Essay on The Bronx Is Not A Place For A New Beginning

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The ghettoization of blacks led to a cycle of blacks being born, raised, and dying in the hood. During the middle of the twentieth century, the city of New York built many new communities to account for the many new immigrants that the US welcomed from all across the world. Many African Americans and Caribbean Americans flocked to the new community called “the Bronx” due to the cheap price of housing and hope for a new beginning. Little did they know, the Bronx was not a place meant for them to strive. Many blacks raised in these communities faced poor educational systems, and bad policing, therefore restricting their ability to make it out of the hood.

The poor areas where blacks were predominant had little funding to enhance the education of the youth in those neighborhood, giving kids no other choice but to drop out. With the poorly funded school system, many schools had “Overcrowded classrooms, a lack of qualified teachers, and insufficient funding for ‘extras’ such as counselors, special education services, and even textbooks, lock students into second-rate educational environments.” Due all of these factors, many kids are encouraged to drop out by the zero tolerance policies held by many intuitions. In the 1970’s, only one in four students went on to graduate high school. This is detrimental to adolescents’ self-esteem due to the thought of not being good enough to stay in school. Schools were also the meeting place for many gangs. Many schools were where gangs…

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