Essay The British Takeover Of India

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1 Imperialism: this one word is used to represent a complicated concept. Imperialism is defined by as “the extension of an empire over a nation”, essentially one nation taking over another and proceeding to control it. Imperialism has been evident throughout history, and one of the most prominent examples is the British takeover of India. Indian civilization dates back more than five-thousand years (Culture Grams Online Addition Web) and has a history of oligarchies, split kingdoms, and rebellions. This fragmented state was how British traders found India upon their arrival in 1601. However, the English merchants dreamed not of domination, but trade. Fortunes were made in this new land, but the idea of trade turned into something darker as the British turned their eyes upon this new land in hopes of conquest. Executing a hostile takeover, Britain gained control of India by the year 1818. The East India Company, a prominent British trading company, established the hold of the British Empire in India and acted as a British operative until 1858 (Britannica School Web). This was an extremely beneficial conquest for Britain, giving them a large, central landmass in India for the next one hundred years. The British were met with the resistance upon their attempt to conquer India and fought several wars, such as the Mysore wars (Britannica School Web). However, India was a land of political turmoil and strife, division existed between different religions and…

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