India In The Victorian Era Research Paper

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India in the Victorian Era India got colonized by England in 1612. This caused new people to come in that would have never imagined to come in earlier. The British citizens moved because of its newly colonized land that caused many of them to sail over and start a new life. By colonizing India, it interfered with the native Indians, having another country come in. Created a rebellion known as the Indian rebellion of 1857 or as the Indian Mutiny, with the native Indians eventually wining contrary to the British. India colonized by England influenced their major parts of culture during the Victorian era. Religion was one the factors influence by England. India is largely of upper caste Hindus (Victorian). Stated they believed in a caste system …show more content…
The British administrative control cover 595,197 miles and contained over 66 million of inhabitants. It is more than it would seem with comparison of the United Kingdom with 64.1 million in 2013. In 1857 India, would revolt known as the Indian Mutiny (India). They wanted to gain independence from England and there only option was to revolt. During 1830 to 1880 many British children either went to India with their parents or were born there. India was a new colonized land so many went over. England gave independence to the colony, which was divided into India with a largely Hindu population, and Pakistan, and officially Muslim state (India). After the Indians revolted the country got dived into the three nationalities. The British Empire fell due to unfair treatment and Indian desire to become free from their British imperial rules (India). The Indians under the rule of the British caused them to rebel from them. England colonized India, which influenced their culture in many ways. Getting the Caste system to be stronger than before. Having Indians as slaves, being forced to work them in harsh conditions with little to no food and while the food was going to be transported overseas. The Indians got colonized and had to rebel against the British, eventually breaking free. These aspects of the British had a critical influence on the

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