The British Occupation Of Florida Essay

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Since before the British occupation of Florida (1763-1783), continuing throughout the second Spanish occupation (1783-1821), and unto the American occupation (1821), Creeks and many other southeastern Indian tribes, driven out of their homelands including escaping wars and colonial expansion, migrated to Florida. Although many other Indian tribes previously inhabited the peninsula, European diseases and wars devastated Florida’s Native population. Those few who survived: Timucua, Apalachee, Oconee, and Yuchi, among others, for the most part, assimilated with the more recent arrivals. Migration and the passage of time contributed to the spread of Muscogee language dialectal influences throughout Florida.
The use of the term Seminole evolved from a corruption of the Spanish word cimarron, usually in reference to runaways, and was not necessarily attributed to any specific tribe but more often to uncooperative or wayward Creeks. The Spanish term influenced the Creek word simano’-li, which translated as emigrant or frontiersmen, as many Indians ventured away from the central power of the Creek Nation into Florida. “Seminole,” as a generalized term, and neither as a specific nation nor adopted identity, became a politically advantageous inclusive term that conveniently, but erroneously, encompassed not just the remnant native tribes of Florida but all other former Creek and Southeastern Indians who already inhabited Florida, or had amalgamated with other Florida…

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