The British Expansion Of The New World Essay

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The British began colonizing in the New World around 1607. when Jamestown was founded. The colonies were essential to the growth of the British economy and global power, and through the use of mercantilism and the Triangle Trade. Around the mid-1700’s, colonists realized how poorly Britain was treating them, so ideas of unification began to form and circulate. Although the Americans identified as British citizens at the beginning of their lives in the New World, many events leading up to the American Revolution helped create a sense of unity and American identity within the colonies. Despite the fact that many Americans supported the unification of the colonies, many opposed unification and wanted to remain under the rule of England. Some attempted to unify the colonies through propaganda, such as the infamous “Join, or Die.” poster, which depicts each colony as a portion of a snake (Doc. A). This poster was used to implement the Albany Plan of Union, which sought to unify the colonies under a strong central government. Due to the fact that this plan was adopted, but never carried out, shows that the colonies were weak and unable to carry out the plan that they had agreed on. Another reason some Americans wanted to remain under the rule of England is because England “protected them against the Ravages of their Enemies” (Doc. F). This history was written to criticize those who no longer wanted to be under British rule because England had been taking care of them. Peter…

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