The British Empire Essay

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When the British Empire started to expand, it was originally able to successfully meet the needs of all of its citizens, whether they were within the confines of the island or across an ocean, surrounded by enemy territory. The colonies formed with moderate amounts of direct help from Britain’s mainland government, who mostly intervened as needed to protect the colonists. Protection, as it began, was meant to be a physical defense, ensuring the safety of colonial boundaries from European invaders (e.g. the French) and angry, dislocated Native Americans. In the 1600s, as the English colonized North America, they had to utilize all of their resources, including armed British support, to defend themselves against outside forces who wanted to take over the British colonies. While the colonists saw themselves as a distinct due to their separation, they still believed that they were British citizens living in colonial America as a part of the British Empire, earning the same rights and status as their counterparts across the Atlantic Ocean. Over time, under British control, colonial protection slowly extended more and more past physical boundaries and also into a more abstracted area of British vulnerability, such as economic policies. The British especially wanted to protect the colonies as a part of their empire because of the financial benefits gained from their growth and existence. If the British could continue to secure these lands and weaken their enemies’…

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