The British East India Company Made Imperialism Essay

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As European countries began to believe that imperial expansion was crucial to the survival of their countries, they set out to find more nations that would benefit them in the long run. European powers were always in need of more resources and in search of new markets. European Imperialism in India and Africa was sparked by the desire for profit. Europe’s interest in Africa, though, was specific to acquiring natural resources to fuel their factories and industries, whilst their interest in India was specific to creating a potential market. Advanced weaponry had evoked emotion upon Indians and Africans, allowing for imperialism to progress. The British East India Company made imperialism in India possible by gaining the trust of local rulers while Europeans essentially carved up Africa through the use of treaties and conferences. However, India was able to become modernized through the use of technology - targeted to benefit trading - while Africans did not modernize to the extent India had, due to their trouble coming in terms with it.
Although Europe’s interest in regions like Africa and India were sparked by economic interests, European powers were more interested in imperializing Africa to simply obtain industrial goods whereas India was sought after for its valuable materials and ability to become a market. Because raw materials were crucial to the development of factories and industries, Europe looked more and more towards Africa where much of it could be found. Since…

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