The British Broadcasting Corporation ( Bbc ) Essay

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According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on August 9 2014 Officer Darren Wilson happened upon Micheal Brown and his friend walking down the street. Within minutes Michael was found dead with a minimum of 7 gunshot wounds from the 12 which were fired. Officer Wilson claims he asked the men to move out from the middle of the road. the men ignored his request. The officer blocked their path with his vehicle, got into an altercation with the men before they attempted to run away. When this happened Officer Wilson went after them. Officer Wilson claims he was body rushed by Mr. Brown and shot him, claiming self defense, before engaging in a hand to hand encounter. From here Mr. Brown broke free from the tussle and started running. With the officer gaining on him, he turned around and surrendered with his hands up. The officer then shot him several more time. Micheal died shortly after these last shots, totaling 12 in all. He played in the road dead for several hours there after. In 2014 Ferguson, Missouri became a city of anger and debate when a local white police shot and killed eighteen year old black man after an altercation. He was tired on the offense and received no judicial sentence in response to the crime. It was not until the U.S Justice Department opened a second investigation into the murder that the city of Ferguson went up in anger. The BBC stated in their article “Ferguson Unrest” stating “Many officers appear to see some residents, especially…

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