The Boy In The Striped Pajamas Response

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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas was a movie directed by Mark Herman released in 2008. The setting of the story was in a German household near a concentration camps during World War 2. The movie portrayed a vivid image of the effects and lives of people during this horrible time period. The way the Nazi soldiers and the Jewish people were displayed were accurate and very emotional. The movie did its part in informing people of this grim period in time, and makes people who watch it realize just how gruesome of a person Hitler was.
The protagonists of the movie are a German boy named Bruno, and a Jewish boy named Shmuel. Bruno is an eight year old boy who is very young and inexperienced. He often doesn’t realize what’s happening around him and
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The main conflict of the story was towards Bruno and Shmuel remaining friends. The beginning of the story begins with Bruno being forced to move to a new location and lose all his friends. The story slightly revolves around friendship, and Bruno attempting to find happiness in his new home. This is where he explores and eventually finds Shmuel, where they are separated by a fence, and Bruno does all in his power to keep his only friend in his new home. Bruno tries to keep their friendship strong by bringing toys, games, and food to Shmuel so that they can be friends …show more content…
This is specifically true when it came to the part in the story where the boys approached the showers. The way the dogs were barking, the way the boys were pushed with a crowd of people, the representation of the starving people, and lastly, the action of the poison being poured in the shower really made this story feel authentic. The only inaccuracy was when Bruno and Shmuel would meet at the fence and talk. With high levels of security and how clear it was that Bruno didn’t belong there, it is inaccurate that he was there unnoticed. Also, Shmuel would be instantly noticed when he walked to Bruno when he went under the fence. Just the whole situation is unlikely due to how many soldiers watch over the Jews and especially near the fence where they are likely to attempt to escape. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas was a very emotional story that opened up my eyes on how brutal the Holocaust was, and how devastating it was for the people during the World War. Films like these really emphasise on the past and make it more meaningful to the viewer. The storyline and dramatic scenes really made an impact on the viewer, including myself, and led to a tearful ending. This film does an accurate job of displaying the horrendous events of this time by the outstanding acting and portrayal of

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