The Boston Tea Party, Alabama Bus Boycott, And George Washington Crossing The Delaware River

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The Boston Tea Party, Alabama Bus Boycott, and George Washington crossing the Delaware River all boycotting something. The Boston Tea Party and George Washing crossing the Delaware River are in common because they are boycotting the British who were the government at the time. The Alabama bus boycott relates to boycotting the government mandate as well except it was to the U.S Government not the British Government. All of these are precedents. Alabama bus boycott was the start of the civil rights movement with Rosa Parks as the leader, The Boston Tea Party was the first big revolt against the British Government and lastly, when George Washington crossed the Delaware River, which was a turning point in the Revolutionary War. Even though these events happened in different time periods, history always repeats itself. Each historic event is boycotting government, first of its kind, and is a precedent for something greater.
The Boston Tea Party occurred on December 16th, 1773. The colonist’s main objective was to show the British that they rejected the Tea Act of 1773. The Colonists argued “No taxation without representation” ( The American Colonists believed that they were being unfairly taxed for expenses during the French and Indian War.
Since the beginning of the 18th century tea had been regularly imported to the American Colonists. “It has been estimated that American Colonists drank approximately 1.2 million pounds of tea each year. Britain…

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