Essay on The Boogeyman

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The three children of the separated family father Lester Billings are dead, like a psychiatrist tells, killed by the Boogeyman. The worst thing for Billings is that he has suspected that, when his first child died, and was sure, when his second child died. Still he admitted that the Boogeyman took his third child. Now he believes that the Boogeyman will take him too, and he is afraid to open his closets at home. His psychiatrist, Dr.Harper understands him well, too well. At the entering to the lobby, there is no one to help him and when he return into the room, Lester Billings finds the psychiatrist taking off his mask to show him that he is the boogeyman, the person who had killed his three children.

Point of
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At first he does not hear or see the boogeyman, he only sees a crack in the closet door. However, when the last murder occurs and Andy is killed, Billings sees and hears the boogeyman, which means that he is prepared for this to happen. Billings identifies him self with Andy and is therefore more affected by this murder. If we assume that Billings is the boogeyman then this shows how the monster is growing inside him and taking control over him. When we hear about the closet door being open just a crack we can transfer the meaning of it to Billings personality. Even though he behaves normally, he occasionally loses control and his facade cracks a little.

Like Stephen King explains to us in “Night Shift”, all fears add up to one great fear which is the final death. King describes how people are similar to the masks of Comedy and Tragedy. We are grinning on the outside and grimacing on the inside. But inside of us there is a central switching point, a transformer that is able to connect the wires from the two masks and create horror. Comparable to the character of Lester Billings that carries the mask of Tragedy inside of him, his mask is the boogeyman. Every time his inner and outer wires connect the boogeyman strikes and Billings has to face

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