The Bombing Of Pearl Harbor Essay

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On the morning of December 7th, 1941, the world had experienced a catastrophic event that had changed the course of history. The Bombing of Pearl Harbor happened in the midst of December where it was presumably a calm and quiet morning when suddenly, Japanese planes soared over the island, reigning bombs among the American military. The plan coordinated by Commander Minoru Genda, Rear Admiral Takejiro Onishi and Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto had consisted of delivering a surprise attack and dealing an intensive blow that could wipe the Americans off the grid of war. Yamamoto exclaimed that he led the Japanese into a gamble that would eventually decide the fate of many Japanese citizens. Yamamoto realized that the United States had ten times the capacity to manufacture weapons than Japan would, meaning that having a war that drags out is not an option for the Japanese. Attacking Pearl Harbor was thought to be the perfect plan for it enabled the Japanese to strike a devastating blow upon the Americans. This Japanese act of brutalness awakened the “sleeping giant” causing American conflict and later giving interventionists a reason to enter the war. The death of more than 2 500 people ignited American fury and ultimately brought the Japanese to defeat. Whilst the Japanese thought that the bombing of Pearl Harbor had an oppressing impact on the Americans, this event was arguably one of the worst decisions formed by the Japanese which can be exhibited through the internment camps…

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