The Blues : A Representation Of Emotion Essays

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The blues, like any music genre, is a representation of emotion. Most of the time the emotion that is associated with the blues is well feeling blue. When a person gets laid off or someone close dies, they feel blue. If one starts to listen to some of the artist of the blues genre; however, one can see quickly that there are other emotions that can be associated with the blues. One can view that the blues is also about overcoming those hard times or letting go of those emotions that are making them lag. It is amazing how wide the spectrum of emotion that the blues genre brings to one.
The late 19th century changed much of the United States including the great majority of the world. World war one which began in 1914 had created much stress on the all nations. Slavery had been vanished for a couple decades; however, segregation was still a factor that challenged African-American people in the United States. Down in the south where segregation was more common than other places, a new form of music was starting. The blues has placed its’ hand on every music form to this day. From country music to rock and roll as well as hip hop. The blues is a way for an individual to express a broad spectrum of emotions, from happy to sorrow. W.C. Handy although was not awarded with the first published blues song, his song was the first to ever be recorded.
In the early 20th century William C. Handy was traveling through Mississippi when he came across a town named Tutwiler Mississippi.…

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