The Blink Of An Eye Essay

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In the blink of an eye, the Cyborg launched itself at Hank and I. I barely had time to swing Glamdring at the monster before it slammed its shoulder into me. It sent sprawling, but I managed to hang onto both of my weapons. I hurried to get my legs under me as the thing began pulling Hank toward it’s clacking maw.
Fearing for the worst, I dove on the cyborg, slamming my blade deep into the thing’s waist. It was then that I noticed something. The hatch where the cyborg’s USB ports was wedged open, my long-forgotten flash drive holding the covering agape. Seeing my opportunity I slammed the wire wrapped ball into the opening and engaged the switch.
A low flash of light and a soft pop indicated the device had discharged. The cyborg immediately stopped moving, Hank’s throat inched from the infected teeth of the now still zombie. My homemade EMP generator had worked like a charm.
As the useless cybernetics toppled to the ground, Hank’s coat ripped free causing him to nearly fall off balance.
Henry’s eyes were wide with disbelief as he stared at the now-vulnerable zombie trapped in the exoskeleton. I recovered Glamdring and knelt over our enemy. Sliding the blades tip under the helmet I drove its cold steel deep into the ghoul’s brain giving it a twist to make sure it was positively dead.
“What was that?” Henry asked after he regained his senses.
“Do you remember the disposable cameras I had you pick up?” I asked.
His dumbfounded nod indicated his memory.
“I made…

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