The Black Panthers : Police Vs. Panthers Essay

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The Black Panthers: Police vs. Panthers
Thesis: The Police interpreted the Panthers low when their intentions were high.
The Black Panthers were an astonishing group. The men and women who were in the party fought for what they believed in and their rights as human beings whether or not they were black or white. As stated by Willie Stone, a former black panther, children even made meetings in school to patronize The Black Panther Party (11). According to Harvey Young, The Black Panther Party was established in October 1966 (10). There were two main leaders in this Party, One was Huey P. Newton and second, Bobby Seale. They both were born in the south (12). However, the leaders moved to the North or the West but they also still visited the south for family (). There is a surmise of how many members there were in the party, Therefore, the estimation is 2,000 to 5,000 Panthers (11). The Black Panther Party dispersed in 1972 (10). Even though the Panthers only lasted for an abrupt six years, they were a motive to many people throughout their black communities and also were heroes to the children (11).

There was a lot of influence and philosophy behind The Black Panthers. “Huey Newton was not inspired by the civil rights movement, nor were most other black college students in the San Francisco area. The college students in San Francisco who were inspired by the movement were the white ones (Haskins, 9)” According to Bobby Seale, one of the leaders of the Black Panthers, the…

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