The Black Man And The Blonde Man Essay

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1. The first two paragraphs contain a very straightforward tone because the man is simply stating that society sees him as invisible due to the color of his skin. This can be seen as straightforward because he is merely acknowledging how he has been overlooked by white people in society solely due to his skin tone over the course of his life.
2. Throughout his encounter with the Blonde man the black man thought he had already know that he was black, which is why he lashed out at the blonde man due to assuming the incident was instigated by ethnicity; however, the black man later understands that the blonde man never realized he was black thus finding the situation ironic, for how could a white man be attacked by someone “invisible”.
3. “Sleeping ones” are white people that overlook the black people who are under their supervision, such as housing and electricity.
4. The narrator uses light in order to showcase his true self. Without light the man is consumed by the darkness which is caused by the way society views his darker skin. However, with the light the narrator hopes to be able to see his true self for the light illuminates his true self void of the negative connotations society has with darker skin.
5. The grandfather suggests to the narrator by giving this advice that in from of white people he should always appear well mannered and act like a proper black man who is below that of a white man; however, at the end of his advice he suggests that the narrator should…

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