The Black Lives Matter Movement Essay

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The Black Lives Matter movement started in response to unaccounted police shootings of African Americans. In addition to the problem of police brutality, BLM aims to publicize and challenge the ongoing racial discrimination and degrading of Blacks (“About”). The Police Lives Matter movement points to the deaths of police during duty and the difficulty of the job (“Our Mission”). Similarly, the All Lives Matter movement protests that BLM is exclusive of the value of other groups. Both ALM and BLM movements counter and weaken the BLM movement by arguing that Blacks are not differently treated compared to other races or groups. Thus, they divert attention away from the discussion of race to the obvious point that all lives matter. However, racial inequality in various areas proves that race plays a huge role in determining advantages or disadvantages in people’s lives.
BLM has protested the police shootings of African Americans since 2012. Research shows that police have killed over 900 people since Jan 2015, compared to over a thousand in 2014 (“Killed by Police,” “Counted”, Burghart and Lockley). These numbers are near double the number of justifiable homicides the FBI listed (“Counted”). The deaths in 2015 were majorly due to gunshot (87.5%), taser (4.9%) vehicle (3.7%) and death in custody (4%). According to The Guardian, out of 901 victims in 2015, 47% were white, 24% black, 15% Hispanic, 1.8% Asian/Pacific Islander, and 1.4% Native American. traces…

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