The Black Hair And Eyes As Black The Abyss Essay examples

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Short black hair. Five foot four. Porcelain skin and eyes as black the abyss. You put all that together, along with some sugar, spice, and everything not nice, and you get Megan, my ex. People usually write about a single life changing experience in their younger years that turned everything around for them. In my case, I was an empty shell growing up. I had my own trials and tribulations but for the most part, nothing really got to me. The lessons that those experiences could and should have taught me passed me by. I was still waiting for that moment that would rock my world. In my case, that moment spanned eight months. Eight short months of ups and downs, lefts and rights. I became someone else, someone new, all because of a single person. Yes, this may become one of those whiney fallen-out-of-love stories that come in by the dozens on every social media, but listen closely; there’s more to it than that and if you’re lucky, you might actually learn something.
The calm grey light came cascading through the tiny crevices of my curtains. From the sixteenth floor of my Aunt Nanet’s condominium, I could hear the growing bustling noise of taxis and buses rolling on the street floor, the trademark alarm clocks of every city denizen in Manila. I usually did not wake up at such an ungodly hour of the day. I quickly brushed on my slippers, grabbing a cigarette and a light before I made my way to the elevator, heading down to the sixth floor which had the only designated smoking…

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