Essay on The Black Family

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Before I can touch upon rap and its hyper masculine message, first I have to give some cultural context as to why rappers rap about the things they have claimed to experience. This started because of the decimation of the black family. Throughout history especially during the slave trade black family have been broken up whether on the selling block when mothers and fathers would be separated from their children by slave masters. To present day when a father is sent to jail away from his family for a petty crime. Daniel Moynihan, the Assistant Secretary of Labor under President Johnson released a report called “The Negro Family”, a study that discussed the black family dynamic from slavery until the 1960’s. For this paper I will be focusing on several topics discussed in the report in particularly Unemployment and Poverty, Matriarchy, Failure of Youth and Crime and Deliquesces. These four dynamics of the black family can be seen as the catalyst of the hyper masculine tone of rap music. When southern African American families migrated to the north finding a job was hard for black males because of racism. Black workers in particular were the most affect by the cycle of employment and unemployment in contrast of their white counterparts. In 1963 it was determined that almost thirty percent of black males were unemployed (Moynihan, 21) This is when black women started to get jobs and became the main source of income in black families. Black males considered themselves as…

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