The Black Church, Conspiracy And Rebellion Essay

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From the years 1791-1831 slavery was a huge issue in America across the entire nation. With the cotton industry booming due to the invention of the cotton gin slaves were being bought and traded, not just all throughout the United States, but from international countries as well. I read five sections going into detail about this subject, which include: Philadelphia, The Black Church, Conspiracy and Rebellions, Growth and Entrenchment of Slavery, and Freedom and Resistance. The first section I covered was the section about Philadelphia, which seemed to be a place that gave free blacks hope for equality and a fair shot at a good life. Although these free blacks struggled with finding work and living in poverty, I found it very interesting how much more advanced this area was than many other areas in America. Anthony Benezet, for example, was a man who very strongly disagreed with the idea of slavery and fought for education for slaves, as if he knew that they would be free very soon. He was a white man who seemed to ignore the popular opinion of others and see slaves as people and not just property. Philadelphia definitely had its struggles though. The outbreak of the Yellow Fever caused many deaths, especially to blacks, because of the false idea that they were immune to the disease. I then researched the section about the black church. Although blacks were allowed inside of existing churches, they were segregated and usually not accommodating whatsoever. The Free…

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