The Black Cat, By Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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Edgar Allan Poe is a world-renowned writer, poet and critic, but his writing style is far from the norm. Edgar Allen Poe’s sad life allowed him to write his short stories with the first-hand sadness he experienced. Poe’s writing style through many of his short stories can be described as macabre.They included a lot of sorrow, death, hate, dead coming back to life and fear. Two of his most famous stories, “The Black Cat” and “The Tell-Tale Heart,” are plagued with all of the famous typical characteristics of any Poe short story and have many similarities and differences with themes, views and motifs. “The Black Cat” is a typically dark and evil story by Poe. “The Black Cat” possesses an unreliable borderline insane narrator that is stricken with paranoia. The unnamed narrator in this story explains the story to us in his limited first person view from his holding cell which he faces the death penalty the following day. Mostly all of Poe 's short stories possess this first person limited omission viewpoint which makes the story really unreliable and biased. There is significant proof that the narrator of this story is insane. Because after the narrator kills his cat he starts getting paranoid about his second cat after a series of mysterious events like his house begin burned down on the night he hung his cat. Another mysterious event is all the neighbors gathering around a lone standing wall with an impression of a huge hung cat which haunts the narrator greatly. The…

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