The Tell Tale Heart Conflict Analysis

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1)What type of conflict (heart of action) exists in The Tell-Tale Heart?
The type of conflict in The Tell-Tale Heart is the character versus Himself because the whole story was an internal conflict. In the story, he is battling against the vulture eye of the old man and it is obvious the eye isn’t evil. The narrator has it all in his head. In the text, he says his senses are much better but clearly, these newly acquired abilities will destroy the protagonist/antagonist. A good example of this conflict is in the last paragraph: “It was a low dull, quick sound-much such a sound as a watch makes when enveloped in cotton.” The narrator believes this sound to be the heart of the old man but the old man was dismembered and hidden under planks. This sound was in his head. This ‘heartbeat’ brought him to admitting his crime, therefore taking down the protagonist.

2)What is the setting of The Tell-Tale Heart?
First, the main area where the actions take place is the old man’s room. In the story, the narrator stalks, kills, hide the old man and he admit his crime in the same room so it is certainly a part of the story’s setting. “I
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Throughout this story, the narrator only thought of getting rid of the evil eye and payed no attention to the old man whom he loved. After having killed the man and the officers arrive, he started realising what he did. It was almost as he was trying to avoid this notion but his conscience would not leave him in peace. His mind created a scenario where the beat of the dead’s heart kept beating, almost to remind the narrator that he killed this man and this man knew and so did the police who the narrator believed to be making fun of his pain (guilt). “Anything was more tolerable than this derision!” The derision that the protagonist is talking about represent the culpability that he is feeling and he couldn’t take it anymore causing him to confess his wrongdoing. Hence, in the end, guilt will always get

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