The Tell Tale Heart Insanity Analysis

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In the short story "The Tell Tale Heart" by author Edgar Allan Poe, the narrator describes his crime scene. He suffocated an old man be worked for just because he didn't like his eye " I think it was his eye! Yes, it was this! He had the eye of a vulture-- pale blue eye, with a film over it." He claims he's not crazy but "wise" and "nervous" but through out the story his insanity is revealed. For 7 days straight, just at midnight, he would very slowly open the door and watch the man sleep, wishing that the eye was opened so he could get rid of it. It's impossible to say the man is in his sane mind when he's obsessed with getting rid of him and his eye. He didn't hate the old man, he had never done him wrong either, he just didn't …show more content…
Although he is guilty for murdering the old man, prison wouldn't do him any good, he would just be put through discipline. On the other hand, if he was sent to a mental hospital people would try to help him get back to his sane mind, and try to help him with his insanity problem. Also, he says he could hear the old mans heart beating louder and louder before he killed him, and even after he killed him he claims that he could still hear it, which was probably his conscience trying to tell him he had done wrong. When the police arrived he confidently told them that the man was absent from the country, and after he thought he could still hear his heart beat, he was thinking to himself they hear it but they were just trying to make fun of him "was it possible they heard it not? No,no! They heard it!-- they suspected--they knew!-- they were making a mockery of my horror." After his conscience feed him up with guilt, he could take it no more and he gave …show more content…
He's obsessed with killing an old man just because his eye " He had the eye of a vulture-- pale blue eye, with a film over It." His urge to kill the man takes over, he does it and he thinks he can still hear his heart beat afterwards. Neighbors nearby hear a loud shriek and call the cops, he seems to be cool with them being in the house until he claims to still hear "the beating of the hideous heart." An anxiety takes over him and he's took over by his plan to kill the man and get rid of the eye. He needs to be took to a mental hospital because his state of

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