Insanity In The Tell Tale Heart Analysis

In the first-person short story “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allen Poe men are portrayed to be insane. A man can have a heart and do something harmful and have guilty intentions afterwards. They can go on and do a bad deed and try to convince us that the deed that they have done was not at all bad much clever. It has a lot to do with how a person is feeling on the inside to actually determine their intentions. Men can have this look on the outside that would make us assume that he is as sane as any other person, but on the inside his views can be quite different and show how insane a man is. "The Tale-Tell Heart" follows an unnamed narrator who insists on his sanity after murdering an old man with a "vulture eye". From the complex of all …show more content…
Everyone has a breaking point, for some it is sooner than others. All our actions can be justified somehow, whether due to mental state, physical state, or another reason we create. The short story is a first-person point of view. If the person himself is telling the story and is sounding insane then maybe that indicate that there is a possibly that he is insane. From wonder maybe if it was second-person or even third-person would we side with the narrator and feel that he was completely sane and had every intentions to do what he did? Men are portrayed as insane in “The-Tell-Tale Heart” which shows first hand if you gave this grand introduction with that justifies you can hear every living and none living thing in and out of this world shows slight insanity. But the narrator actually had a disease in which he felt like he could hear things from heaven, earth and hell. The narrator committed the crime and later to confess on the police officers, but he does not want to confess of his insanity to himself. For to the narrator the old man was loved, but his eye was hated. The narrator has not only tried to convince his readers that he is not sane, but he tries to convince his readers that he is telling the truth that he is not sane that the eye is evil and had to get rid of it. Edgar Allan Poe uses the narrator in the short story “Tell-Tale Heart” to prove the portrayal of men to be insane, throughout all the planning and the narrator did he did at the beginning have a heart for the old man for he had love for him, but as the narrator gives us a flashback of his point of view of the story he sounds

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