The Black Cat And The Telltale Heart Essay

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Edgar Allan Poe is infamous for his works that features violence, madness, death among other dark themes. His literary texts “ The Black Cat” and “The Telltale Heart” are not different. Both of the narrators in this text committed murder and justify their reasoning behind their madness and their heinous crimes. The former killed his wife in attempt to kill the black cat and the latter killed the old man because of his evil eye. They both attempted to hide the bodies but ultimately reveal their crimes due to their insanity. Mass media audience views the narrators’s actions as a act of madness and violence. Deliberate cruelty is the intentional infliction of pain and suffering upon someone.Poe demonstrate the deliberate cruelty of the narrators instead of their madness. In this essay, I will point out the specific instances of deliberte cruely in both texts. He reveal the narrators’ deliberate cruelty by showing their rationale despite illustrating their loving relationships with their victims. Poe depicts the cruelty through not only the selective details that illustrate the stable minds of the narrators but also the actions that both protagonists exhibit in the texts.

The narrator in the “telltale heart” wanted to kill the old man primarily because of his evil eye. He explicitly states that the old man has done him no wrong and he has no logical motive behind his decision. “ I think it was his eye! Yes, it was this!” ( Poe, 121). Killing someone over an eye that…

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