The Birth Of Tragedy Out Of The Spirit Of Music Essay

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The word Apollonian is an adjective that refers to the God Apollo of the Greek or Roman mythology. Apollo is the messenger Gods; the God of light, spring or youth, medicine and the art of music and also sometimes identified with the sun. He is a son of Zeus and one of the twelve main Gods. The adjective Apollonian was first used by the German philosopher F. W. J. Schelling and later by another German philosopher, F. Nietzsche, who explains it further in combination with the adjective Dionysian in his book “The Birth of Tragedy out of the Spirit of Music” in the year 1872. In most cases, the word Apollonian is capitalized, albeit being an adjective. Apollonian describes character qualities of reason, culture and intelligence in early Greek tragedy. It is the counterpart to the opposing Dionysian, together they form a sense of balance (see below). The Apollonian qualities are those of spirit, which makes them subjective and limited. Apollonian characters are acting after their conscious desire for reason. They are artist of fine arts, used to educate and not for aesthetic reasons. Their result will always look the exact same, as they are produced after a specific scale. Apollonian writing represents order and harmony, often set in urban environments. It is described also described as being ‘classical’. One of the modern Apollonian writers was André Gide.

The word Dionysian is an adjective that refers to the God Dionysus of the Greek and Roman…

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