The Biological Aspect Of Sexuality Essay

1685 Words Feb 23rd, 2016 7 Pages
When it comes to sexuality theories such as biology, sociobiology and evolutionary psychology, and social constructionism have different perspectives on the topic. On the Biological aspect of sexuality, we as human beings are attracted to each other. Genetically we all interpret sex differently and based on different levels of hormones and testosterone in each individual it affects our sexual arousal and sexual response. Biology is the key pillar that holds the structure of sexuality either in heterosexuality, homosexuality, or bisexuality. It is in our genetic makeup to be drawn to each other. Humans do not only rely on their genital for reproducing. Genital for humans could also be used for pleasure instead of reproducing. The human body genetically has the urge to give or receive sexual pleasure. Biology is a key concept of sexuality, but social order shapes the way Biology is vision in our society. Humans do not rely only on physical touch to pleasure themselves, but also the power of the human mind. This pleasure could be in the form of wet dreams that are manifested from the mind. On a Biological level the human body can pleasure itself in a variety of ways. Different cultures influence the sexual experience, for example a woman could never understand her sexual arousal thought-out her sexual experience based on her culture or faith. A person’s gender plays a key role in Biology, we as humans rely on physical characteristics of a person to test the range of attraction.…

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