The Binary Code Of The Creation Of Binary, There Were No Textbooks

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It has been researched that prior to the creation of binary, there were no textbooks as they were not required. The binary code was first traced to the 17th century, the great philosopher and inventor of Calculus, Gottfried Leibniz derived a system of logic for verbal statements that would be completely represented in a mathematical code. He was theorising that life could be reduced to simple codes of rows of combinations of zeros and one 's. Labor and Null (2012) suggests that he correlated the fact that any integer could be represented this way or to more exact terms, “God (1) created the universe out of nothing (0).” (Labor and Null, 2012). Not actually knowing what this system would be used for, eventually, with the help of George Boole, Boolean logic was developed, using the on/off system of zeros and ones for basic algebraic operations. The on or off codes can rapidly be implemented by computers for doing seemingly unlimited numbers of applications. Following this research, it I fair to say that all computer language is based on the binary system of logic.
This report discusses a solution to the problem set 2 – Data Representation. A task of deciphering a set of binary data strings and then represent the deciphered data into readable English data without the use of a computer or computing device(calculator). This report outlines the thought process behind solving the problem set, the different methods involved whereby the recognised data patterns were…

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