The Bill Of Rights Of The United States Essay examples

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A key purpose of the Bill of Rights was to establish the rights that we the people, as United States citizens, possess and to give us our freedoms/civil liberties. These are rights that the government cannot take away from us, and this is something I kept in mind throughout this assignment. After being assigned the task of creating a new Bill of Rights, I decided that I would create a “revised Bill of Rights” that combined the Bill of Rights the U.S. has in place now with a few new amendments that protect rights that we have, or should have. The original document contains some amendments that are crucial to have in place in order for U.S. citizens to sustain the freedom that we have now, and that is why I decided to create a revised Bill of Rights that keeps some of the original amendments rather than making an entirely new one. The amendments that I chose to keep either have been reworded for the sake of clarity, combined with other closely related amendments, or slightly altered by the addition or removal of material. Such amendments are the first, second, fourth, fifth, sixth, eighth, and ninth. The first two amendments of the current U.S. constitution are two that I feel do not need to be done away with. Having the right to speak freely, practice organized religion, peaceably assemble, petition and own guns/weaponry to protects oneself are liberties that are too important to not include in a Bill of Rights. They define what freedom truly means, or should mean, in this…

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